Spires – Reach for the sky…

A Gothic Revival house appears to reach for the sky. On this Randolph Street Gothic Revival home you can see it in the steep front gable, the triangular pediment above the front French door and even the subtle pointed arches of the window pediments. Architects use the word verticality to describe the effect of buildings that direct the eye upward. You can plainly see this in the spires of Medieval Gothic cathedrals. The same sense is conveyed in a similar way in American Gothic houses.
In the old photo that was found from the early 1900’s, when the bargeboard was still on the house, you can very faintly see a spire on the right side gable near the chimney. It seemed right to add the roof spires back onto the front and side gables. Like icing on the cake. Since a new roof was soon to be installed, the timing was right to add the spires. To stabilize the spires, decorative side brackets were cut on a band saw and created from the old redwood foundation supports. The design reflects the details of the bargeboards. Custom steel supports were made to fit the different angles on the side and front gables and then all the pieces were bolted together to hold it securely before being installed on the roof. The spires were then carefully hauled up to the roof and bolted in place. The installers from River Valley Roofing did a fantastic job getting it just right. The house now truly reaches for the sky! To see images of the spires click here.


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