Floor Coverings & Newspapers

When we removed the old worn carpet we found layers of previous floor coverings. There may have been a layer of old linoleum sometimes glued to the wood tongue and grove fir flooring or sometimes applied over plywood sub-flooring; in one upstairs front room there were tatami type woven mats, about a foot wide placed in rows; and then the most exciting part were the old newspapers, perhaps used as extra cushioning for the mats. It was like peeling away the layers of time. Some newspapers were dated 1934 and some 1925. Some very colorful with the latest fashions. Some more political, a reflection of the time. Most likely that was the date of the installation of the floor coverings. Most of the newspapers were found on the floors of the second floor front rooms.  The old fir floors under it all were in poor condition. I don’t think they were ever meant to been seen, but rather to be covered by mats, oil cloths, linoleum and area rugs.  The wood floors have been patched with random sizes of fir flooring  from where the old fireplaces once had been a long time ago. The wood floors are are in poor condition from all the nails over all the years that were used to attach the various floor coverings. To see the revealing of the old newspapers click here


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