Rear Addition Progress

We’ve made progress on the rear addition – framing,  windows, siding, and doors. To make the addition different looking from the original home we decided to change the type of siding. Board and baton is another typical siding of the Gothic Revival home so this was a great choice to differentiate the new from the old yet still keep in the range of typical siding for this style home. The barn siding is also board and baton so this is another way we reflected the look. The top floor of the addition does have a bit of the clapboard siding just to tie it all together and compliment the original home’s clapboard siding. We also tied in the new four French doors on the rear by making the glass panes tall and narrow similar to the sidelights on either side of the front door. The transformation on the rear addition is almost complete. There is still so much left to do but we are making progress! Click here to see some photos.


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