Hayman Leaded Glass Window Installed

Luther and Sarah Hayman built the house at 608 Randolph beginning in 1889. In the stairwell from the grand entry to the second level a geometric style, a diamond and elongated hexagon pattern, leaded glass window was installed most likely during the building of the home. When Lauren Ackerman purchased the home and began her renovation the window was removed as well as all the other leaded glass windows in the home for restoration. This leaded glass window was not centered in the stairwell for some reason, perhaps due to some previous renovations. The window was also much simpler in design compared to the other more elaborate windows in the home. It was decided not to use this window and replace it with a more period and appropriate window to be centered in the magnificent stairwell. Since the Hayman and the Mather families swapped houses in 1895 (608 Randolph and 554 Randolph) why not swap an item back and put this window in my house where the Hayman family lived for 53 years? It seemed appropriate and the style of the window was perfect for my Gothic Revival home. It made for a perfect swap yet again! The glass in the window was in great condition but it needed to be re-leaded and strengthen to last another hundred and twenty five years. I looked to Ken Boyd, a local Napa glass artist who had restored all of Lauren’s leaded windows, to restore this window. He did a wonderful job bringing this window back to life. A wood frame was made and the window has been installed in a special place in the kitchen.The window has beautiful amethyst colored diamonds in an amber colored field. If only the Haymans could see this window in the house they called home for so long. I’m sure they would love it! To see the photos click here.


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