New Rear Addition Framing

We have been making progress and will soon be ready for our framing inspection. The lath and plaster has been removed and new rooms created. Much of the existing framing wasn’t up to today’s standards so we had to add framing to many of the exterior and interior walls that we didn’t change. It has been exciting seeing the rooms being created in the main house and new addition. The new addition consists of : the first level is the kitchen, family room and nook area; the second floor consists of a bedroom which was once the storage room (although the bedroom is now level with the second floor and a bit larger); and the third floor, where kitchen area was for Unit 5, we extended the upper peak out over the bedroom on the second floor and created a bath for the third level bedrooms. The view from the window there is fantastic! We still need to move the stairs from in front of the front French Door so it can open out onto the deck of the new portico (that won’t be built for a while). These stairs will become the new access to the third floor. The spaces feel great and I am excited to move on to the next step. We need to get the framing inspection passed before the new roof. Hoping that is soon before the next big storm! Click here to see the progress and a few before and after photos.


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