Layers of Wallpaper

When we started removing the plaster, and in some places sheet rock that covered the plaster, we found layers of wallpaper. It seems they just put one layer on top of the next. The last layer in many cases was just painted over. Many of the papers had borders and some had metallic highlights. The most interesting wallpaper was in the rear room on the right. This was the bedroom for apartment 1 but I don’t know what it was used for originally, maybe a kitchen? After removing the sheet rock on the ceiling we discovered spider web wallpaper! The whole ceiling was covered with glistening spider webs. It is one of the most elegant, and at the same time mysterious wallpaper, I have ever seen. Each web was about 16 inch wide and meshed into the next web. The little round circles of dew drops on the web were golden metallic and would glisten in the light.  Under that layer was a small floral paper with a border which was applied directly over six inch wide unfinished redwood tongue and grove boards. The redwood boards were most likely original to the house. They were attached with cut nails like all the other original carpentry in the house. I was so surprised to find this spider web paper in this house. I’m not sure when it was applied but it is possible in the late 1800’s. I do love this bold and unconventional paper but who was inspired to put it on the ceiling so long ago? To see more of the wallpapers click here.


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