This Old House Meets New Foundation!

The day has finally arrived and this old house is being set down on its new foundation. Phil Joy and his crew arrived and started installing the hydraulic jacks under the beams as they removed the cribbing. The jacks were then connected to the control panel on the truck. These jacks will work together to slowly and gently lower the house onto the new foundation. Steel rollers will help glide the front to back beams out. We made beam pockets in the foundation to allow room for the beams to be removed. The foundation has been prepared with new stem walls except in the front corner. We had to leave that out so the beam that ran side to side in the front of the house could be removed. We had much discussion about how to remove that beam with Phil and my contractor, Mike. It was easier to put it in, but taking it out with the new foundation was a challenge. After much discussion, I had an idea on how to take it out. It turned out my way worked and became know as “Karen’s way”. Phil’s crew got a kick out of that! The rear side to side beam consisted of two pieces bolted together so it was easier to remove. To get the house ready the lower part of the house was straighten out, as it was noticeably wavy; reinforced and made strong; then most of the of the rot was replaced except on the south side where it was so bad we decided to wait until it was stabilized on its new foundation before attempting to remove and replace. Once everything was in place it was time to slowly lower the house. You’ll see, in the attached album, a couple of videos of the house being lowered. Watch closely and you’ll actually see it move! It was truly amazing! After the house was united with its new foundation all the beams were removed. The beams that went front to back were over 60 feet long! They ended up going down the street to another project as soon as they were removed. It was an exciting day and all went very smoothly!. To see photos and videos of the day click here. I’m so glad to have this house (and the spirits) reconnected with its new roots! Now on to rebuilding!


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