Napa Earthquake One Year Anniversary – on NBC

It was one year ago today that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Napa. The earthquake tested the structural strength of many buildings. There were numerous homes in Napa that were damaged, some more than others. My home was one of the downtown homes that suffered major damage. The foundation on my house failed and the city gave it a Red Tag which meant the building was unsafe to enter. The sandstone foundation part was fine, it was the stem walls that failed. Luckily it didn’t fall off the foundation like some homes. All the tenants had to vacate immediately. The two brick chimneys on either side were damaged and were later removed. I never saw the chimneys (I wish I had the bricks though). It was because of the earthquake that three months later my house went on the market. And it is because of the earthquake that I now own this lovely home and property. The earthquake provided the opportunity to restore the dignity back to this house. It is amazing how you can take a disaster and turn it around. Last week, when I was working at the house along with the crew, Joe Rosato Jr. from NBC walked by the house. I happened to be in the front yard and we started talking. He said he was doing a report on the one year anniversary of the earthquake. He had been to the corner church, the coffee shop on Brown Street and now was walking around the neighborhood noting the many structures that had been damaged in the earthquake. One thing let to another and soon he was interviewing me right then and there for a possible part in his segment. A small part of the interview made into his report, A Year Later, Napa Still Rebounding From Quake. You can get a very quick, like one second, glimpse of me at about 30 seconds and then a very short interview starts at 3:19. (I apologize that you have to watch the commercial at the start of the report……). The segment is a good marker for the beginning of my project. I hope Joe comes back next year to see the finished results!


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