Rear Additions Now Gone – Ready for Foundation!

The old additions are now gone. The extra steel beams have been removed and we are ready to start the foundation. The rear sill has a bit of a wave to it but the house movers said it will be fine and then straighten out when we put in back down on the new foundation. It took six and a half days and three guys, plus myself, to do the removal. It was a little scary to watch them at times removing the roofs and walls. We took the time to recycle material such as the drywall, unpainted wood and metal. For those items we obtained a debris box and separated the items. The other items, such as painted wood, composition roofing shingles and the two fiberglass shower stalls we took to the dump site. We were able to save much of the framing, tongue and groove siding and flooring to be reused later. Most of the exterior painted wood was either dry and brittle or rotten. My job will be to remove the nails so we can reuse the wood. In the old addition they used cut nails which I find fascinating to remove as I think about the person long ago that put them there. I’m excited to start putting this home back together! Click here for more photos of the process.


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