Old Addition(s) Almost Gone….

We are one day away from removing the old addition(s). The original addition is on the left as you look at the house from the rear. The newer, and very poorly constructed, “newer” addition is on the right. Just about all the walls were covered in drywall when we started removing the siding. We were surprised to find under the dry wall tongue and grove narrow bead board fir, mostly in the right side newer addition, but in the older addition we found redwood tongue and grove bead board attached with cut nails, even on the ceiling. The redwood walls were originally painted an olive green color. At some point they were then covered in muslin which was nailed on and then wallpapered. After that they were painted and then the wallboard was finally added. I found some of the redwood boards with numbers on them from 1-24 in that old fashioned writing and even a note that said “Stove Bought Sept”. Darn, I wish it said what year they bought the stove! We saved most of the boards as best as we could and I hope to use them in the house, perhaps as wainscoting. The one hundred year plus wood is fantastic! If you look closely above the door opening in the middle of the back lower wall it has remnants of the same broken pediment as the windows so I think it was original to the house. Tomorrow we remove the floor and the floor joists. After that some of the steel beams for the back half will be removed and then we start digging for the new foundation.


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