It’s a Small World

The Official 1895 Map of Napa County is a detailed map of the cities in the county, waterways, railroads, roads, boundaries and land parcels and who owns them along with the acreage owned. There isn’t any information about the city lots in downtown Napa where the Randolph Street house is located so I decided to venture out Coombsville Road to find out who owned my property where I live now. I was able to find where my house is located as the roads back in 1895 still exist today. I compared the old map to a current Google map and was able to find my current house. My house is located on a part of the 21 acres that were owned by P. Flueger (I don’t know anything about him). But the interesting discovery is directly across the street on 44.5 acres the property in 1895 was owned by T. W. Mather. In 1895 T.W. Mather owned my Randolph Street house! That is the same year T. W. Mather sold the Randolph Street house to L. T. Hayman. But here is where it gets even more interesting – The Ackerman Winery now owns a large part of the same country property T.W. Mather owned in 1895 and they own the house at 608 Randolph Street, this is the house that Hayman built and sold to Mather in 1895. So at the same time the Mather’s owned 608 Randolph they also owned the property where the Ackerman Winery is now located. Which means again, just like the Mather’s in 1895 owned both properties, the Ackerman’s are now owners of the same two properties. It is a small world!


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