1866 View from Napa Court House

At one time there was a cupola on top of the Napa Court House on Brown Street between Second and Third Street. In 1866 Lawrence and Houseworth took some photos from the cupola, looking south, west and east. It is the view looking south that I hoped to see my house. Even though the Napa Planning Department shows my house being built in 1870, I think it is older. As I viewed the photo taken looking south I strongly believe I found my house! At this time it would have been on Division Street facing the Court House. If you look on the right side of the photo at the very last home visible on the horizon, just past the two story mansion (later Asa Chapman’s house) with the cupola you’ll see the house. You can make out a fuzzy outline of the steep gabled front, the decorative vergeboard (primarily on the right side) the large triangular ornamental embellishment above the second story French door, the French door, the railing surrounding the narrow balcony and the supports below covering the front door. I’m sure this is my house. I even did a Google maps search and the view, as a crow flies, is just right. This backs up my theory that my house was built before 1870. On a previous post, where I shared the 1870 Bird’s Eye View of Napa, it showed what I believed to be my house as the only house on the entire block with a mature landscape. To have such a landscape I believed my house had to have been built sooner. Now this photo shows perhaps my house was there four years earlier in 1866.


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