Moving on Over

The last time this house moved was most likely in the late 1880’s from around the corner on Division Street. This time the move was only about 4 feet over to the north. I am so excited to finally have a five foot setback on the south side of the house. It will allow me to have full and free access to the side of the house. Before there was barely a foot of room and part of the house was fenced into the neighbor’s yard. It was amazing to watch the house actually inch its way across the steal beams. It took Phil Joy and his two workers less than two days to set up the move. They brought in three more long steel beams, placed them under the house from side to side under the beams already there by transferring the weight of the existing steel beams by moving the supporting wood cribbing (a temporary wooden structure used to support heavy objects during construction) around, inserting a narrow, half the size of the beam, heavy duty steel roller between the beams in six places. At the end of the beam along the driveway a heavy duty chain, hooks and come-along were attached. Then the three men in unison cranked away and slowly the house moved along the six steel rollers. Image that – 60 tons moving on just those six rollers! They had to make a few adjustment, moving the back part more than the front to get it all straighten out and lined up with the property line. The house now sits so much better on the lot. When you look at the house from the street the large sycamore street tree is nicely off to the side and the front entry is clearly visible. The driveway on the left is now a bit narrower but well worth the newly created space on the right side. It looks so right that you barely notice except the front walkway doesn’t line up with the front door anymore. The spacing between both houses on either side looks good too. I am so excited! This also means my project can now start moving forward. Next – removing the back poorly constructed portion in preparation for a new foundation then replacement of the rear addition. Soon this house will be back on the ground!


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