The Porch is Removed

The porch was finally removed today. It took less than two days with two people to remove the barely attached dry rotted porch. It had slowly pulled away from the building over the years and the earthquake in August last year detached it even more from the main house. I saved the old glass from the porch windows; as much as I could from the siding, floor boards and bead board ceiling; and the fir framing, that didn’t have dry rot, all to be reused. This porch, according to the National Register of Historic Places, was added on in 1905. I think the porch took away from the Gothic Revival character of the home. It hid the striking tall windows on either side of the front door and the original broken pediment above those windows (so glad these were preserved!). After the porch was removed I went inside the house and looked out the front windows at the sky. It was wonderful to see the beautiful canopy of the decades old sycamore tree and the blue sky beyond for the first time in over 100 years. On the outside siding, behind the framing of the old porch, you’ll notice the old color which looks to be a greenish gray on the body. When I can clean off the dirt from the siding I’ll have a better look at the color. I don’t plan to paint it a green color again but rather a soft taupe, or gray, tone on tone. I think the house now shows off its details better- the tall windows, the French door above the front door plus I think it makes you look at the vertical form of the house without the interruption of the horizontal porch.You can even see the outline of the trim on the left side that surrounded the deck of the old portico. It now feels Gothic Revival. I can’t wait to see the house with the new portico and decorative vergeboard!


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