Lulu Hayman – I Dedicate This Blog to You

Today is Lulu’s birthday. She was born on July 8, 1880 probably in Colusa County and died at the age of 96 on June 25, 1977. She was the adopted daughter of Sarah Stone Hayman and Luther T. Hayman. She is buried at Tolucay Cemetery in Napa with her parents. She came to Napa with her family in 1883 when she was just three years old. I’m not sure where they first lived but she lived at 608 Randolph Street in Napa (the house her parents built) from about 1889 until 1895. Her mother, Sarah died in 1894 when Lulu was 14 years old and then a year later she and her father moved to 554 Randolph Street (or as it was known as 415 Randolph Street then) in 1895.  Her father, Luther remarried in about 1898 to Eva Deziah Stewart. When Luther died in 1927 Eva inherited the house and then Lulu inherited the house in 1945. She most likely lived there until 1947 when she sold the family home at the age of 67. I don’t know where she moved to after selling the house but I suspect it was somewhere in Napa. There are no records of her purchasing another home in Napa. She married Henry John Bloke in 1902. I think the marriage didn’t last long and there were either no children or no surviving children. When she sold the house she was using her maiden name of Hayman.

I dedicate this blog to Lulu. If it wasn’t for Lulu donating items in 1966 when she was 86 years old such as photos of the house and family; Civil War papers from her father, Luther Hayman; deeds to various properties in Napa and Colusa County; hand written notes about the family; newspaper articles about the celebrations and deaths in the family; and other items and documents to the Sacramento Valley Museum in Williams of Colusa County, I wouldn’t know as much as I do about the history of the house and the family that lived there for 52 years from 1895 to 1947. These items give the home a personalty and bring to life the history of the home and the family that lived there for so many years.

I visited the Sacramento Valley Museum and took photos of the items that Lulu donated. It was a very special time for me to hold in my hand these treasures. I will be posting from time to time more about the items she donated. Here is her letter to Jennifer Bennett at the Sacramento Valley Museum written in 1966 that tells a little about her family:

Dear Mrs. Jennifer Bennett:

Some time back during this month I received a letter and also an itemized account of articles received by Ella Wohlfrom from me and given to your Sacramento Valley Museum Association.

I am the last of the Haymans and had given some things away to a friend collecting “antiques”.  When Ella was here once she told me of your proposed Museum so I began saving out and sending what I had to Ella. There may be more that she will receive to share with you.

My Uncle John Edward Hayman was a resident of Colusa County and many years was the Principal of the Colusa Grammar and High Schools. I may have a picture of him to send to you and also one of my Mother (my Father’s first wife – 2 married Oct 3, 1872) who was Sarah Luthera Hayman daughter of Alvin R. and Amy Luella Stone – the 2 passed away in 1870 ties and were buried in College City Cemetery. If I find any thing more I will send to Ella and you may have them as she desires to give to you. Grandfather Stone came to California in 1850 ties – Gold Rush. Did not make a success so settled on a large Government Grant in Colusa County which in time came to belong to his daughter and husband – Sarah and Luther Hayman. Luther T. Hayman also took up Government land, small quarter sections, one for 1st vineyard ever planted in Colusa Co which grasshoppers came down from Glenn County then only a part of Colusa Co and (though L.T. Hayman had had burlap tied around his quarter sections grapevines) the grasshoppers ate right through the burlap and killed the vines. Many years later in 1917 I visited at the big farm for dinner that had bought that quarter section from my Father and saw a wonderful field of grapevines (I should have said vineyard) in the quarter.

When the S.P. Railroad went through Colusa Co he sold them right of way through land he owned near Arbuckle for $1.00. Told me he was so proud to have a Railroad through the County he was really making a gift of it.

He and his wife Sarah were members of the Methodist Church at Williams and in the late 1870 ties first part of 1880 ties the Pastor of the church asked one Sunday for a collection of $1000.00 which was still a debt on the church. No reply was being made at the service so a friend (I cannot remember his name) leaned forward and asked my Father if he would give $500.00. And so that debt was paid by the 2 men – Luther T Hayman and ?.

We moved to Napa County from the old Ranch in 1883 to Napa and in the late 1890 ties my Father sold the Ranch to I believe Frank Meyers and his Brothers.

I do not know if this will be of any interest or use to you but started to thank you for the letter and inventory and kept writing.

John E. Hayman and his wife the former Rose (I think the name was Gregg – not sure, were also members of Williams Methodist Church.

My Father was born in Moorehill, Indiana in 1843 and you have his Civil War History.

Thanking again for your letter

I remain

Yours Truly

Lulu Hayman

I forgot to say that in early days my Father owned a wood[?] quarter section in Eastern foothills which after the 1906 Earthquake became almond orchards.

Letter from Lulu Hayman dated 1966 pg 1 of 5 Letter from Lulu Hayman dated 1966 pg 2 of 5 Letter from Lulu Hayman dated 1966 pg 3 of 5 Letter from Lulu Hayman dated 1966 pg 4 of 5 Letter from Lulu Hayman dated 1966 pg 5 of 5


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