Sandstone Foundation

The original portions of my house had a sandstone foundation. That would be the original house, not including the porch; and the rear addition on the south side of the house. The later back odd angled addition had a concrete and block foundation and the newer 1905 porch had a concrete foundation. It looked like the sandstone remained in place during the August 24, 2014 earthquake and it was the redwood stem walls that failed. It is now time to give this house a new engineered foundation to support it during the next earthquake. The sandstone that was removed varied in size from that of a thick book to the size of a small ottoman. There was mortar between the stones along the wall to hold them in place. The larger stones were used  as footings down the middle of the house. The workers removed the heavy rocks into a giant pile in the backyard. Some of the stones we left in place as they were buried deep and hopefully won’t be in the way of the new foundation. This way too we leave a bit of the history behind. The mortar chipped off fairly easily. It was my job to remove the buckets and buckets of mortar. Not sure what I’ll do yet with the stones but I want to use them around the property. Perhaps some stone walls to sit on and use as planting beds or maybe a stone deck. These fantastic sandstones need to stay on the property. I’m not sure where they came from originally but I would think locally. I wonder too if the house was moved from Division Street did they bring the stones with them? Sandstone was commonly used for foundations and supports because it can withstand heavy weights. These stones are light brown or tan in color. I’ve seen some red sandstone around town that must have come from a different quarry as the red color is a result of iron oxide.


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