Andrew, You Moved Out in 2009 and Forgot to Take a Few Things

There is a tiny attic in apartment 5, which is on the top floor. In the process of cleaning out the house we removed the items from the attic. There were two boxes of papers and a rat nibbled rolled up tent. Inside the boxes were read and and unread mail dated around 2008-9; love cards from Katie (and one from Erin); school papers; winery binders; maps; business cards; a $100 Savings Bond and a pink slip to a boat – all belonging to Andrew Nelson. I learned a lot about Andrew going through those boxes. I figured all of it wasn’t worth anything except for the Savings Bond and maybe the pink slip. But how to find Andrew? I was determined, so I went through the papers. Finally I found some paperwork he had filled out that had his cell number written on it. Since one doesn’t usually change their cell number I called it. I got Andrew’s voicemail and left a message. Soon after he called me back. I told him why I called and what I had found in the attic. I was curious about what it was like being a tenant in the house. I asked him how it was living on the top floor, especially in the summer. He said it loved living there for a couple of years with his girlfriend, Katie, but during the summer it was brutally hot. He said they would put one fan that sucked in the air on one window and another fan on the opposite window that sucked the air out. The rent was cheap so they didn’t mind it. Andrew said the apartment, just before he moved in, had recently been remodeled. Apparently a horder had lived there for eight years and the place was a disaster. Well, that explains why that unit was the nicest. He said a few times he used the outside staircase but it was pretty scary. In one of the units on the second floor he thought there was a drug dealer as the police were called several times. And get this – the story, passed down from one tenant to another over the years, was the house used to be on the river and it was a brothel at one time! Andrew said he still had the boat but didn’t remember the tent. He gave me his address and I mailed the $100 Savings Bond and the boat pink slip back to him.


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