Today’s Find – 1832 Silver Half Dollar Coin

I was under the house today cleaning out the debris, such as the pile of bricks from the old chimney and wood pieces and plaster from previous remodels when I found in the fine dirt this item. At first I thought it might have been a knock out from an electrical box but it seemed a bit large and the edges felt smoother. I stuck it in my pocket. When I got home I looked at it closer, cleaned it up and saw that is was an 1832 capped bust silver half dollar. Someone had drilled a hold at the top so it must have been worn as a necklace at one time. I looked on ebay and found it to be worth about $40 because of the poor condition. Let’s just say that in 1889, when I think the house was moved to its current location, a worker lost the coin. In today’s dollars that half dollar would buy what $10 would buy today. Well, that find isn’t going to help much with the remodel!


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