Bird’s Eye View 1871 – Is That My House on Division Street?

I was at the Napa County Assessor’s doing some research on the history of ownership of my property when I looked up and noticed on the wall a copy of a hand drawn map by Augustus Koch published by Haas & Bro entitled Bird’s Eye View Napa County, CAL 1871. On close examination I found my house or at least I think I found my house. The Planning Department record lists my house as having been built in 1870. I think that may be very close¬†because it may have been built on Division Street and then moved to Randolph sometime between 1886 and 1891 according to the Sanborn maps. So it is possible the house on Division Street in this drawing is my house. If you look closely you will see the steep gabled front, the six over six windows on the side of the house and even the addition on the west side is similar to the one on my house. Granted the artist may have taken liberties with his drawing but it is curious to note the similarities…..


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