EVEREADY and RED SEAL Batteries Under the House Since the 1920’s

It is hard to image these batteries, that I found under the middle of the house just sitting there on the dirt next to the rock foundation wall, have been sitting there for 80-90 years. There are about a dozen of these 6.6″ by 2.6″ cylinder batteries. Some are EVEREADY Radio batteries, used mostly to heat the filaments of the tubes in radios, and the others are RED SEAL IGNITOR batteries for all open circuit work mostly for cars. The RED SEAL batteries would be linked together in groups of five or more depending on your need. I can picture the Hayman family sitting around listening to the radio that these batteries perhaps once powered. I know Luther Hayman had a 1924 Buick at one time. I wonder if the RED SEAL batteries were used in that car?


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