Small Treasures from Under the House

Whenever I am under the house I look forward to finding small treasures. I found most of these items in the same place which was under some bricks just outside what was once the back porch off the original addition. I love the little doll and wonder if it was Lulu Hayman’s little doll. I do wonder how did these sweet little Victorian embroidery scissors came to be under the house? Marbles are common to find although this is the only one so far. The 1949 California license plate tab, made in Folsom Prison (it is stamped right on the back), may have belonged to Homer and Bonnie Cutright who owned the house from 1947 to 1955. These plates were mounted to the corner of the license plate covering the year that was embossed there much like the stickers we use today. The dark amber bottle, embossed with HUMPHREYS HOMEO MED CO NEW YORK was made by a company started by Dr. Frederick K. Humphrey in 1854. It was a most pivotal and significant contribution to homeopathic medicine as it was a combination preparation that was offered, in a single dose, instead of what traditional homeopathic physicians would prescribe by the individual ingredient, or “singles.” This most likely was taken for some ailment by someone in the Mather or Hayman family. The other clear bottle is embossed B & S HOMEOPATHIC COUGH & CROUP SYRUP. In 1882, William Boericke and Ernest Albert Schreck started their company in San Francisco at 234 Sutter Street. It remained B & S until Schreck died and the company changed hands and name in 1890. This bottle was then most likely used by the Mather family.

B and S Homeopath Syrup


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