Another House Moved by Phil Joy

My house was Red Tagged because of a failing foundation as a result of the South Napa Earthquake on August 24, 2014. I was concerned there might be another earthquake and the house would suffer further damage. Phil Joy and his crew came to the rescue with long steel beams, wood supports, hydraulic jacks, a positive attitude and amazing strength to raze my 60 ton house to secure it until we can put a new engineered foundation under it. The actual razing took no time at all after a few days of preparation. The front porch gave them a bit of concern when it started to break away from the house while it was being lifted. Apparently the bottom portion of the porch had never been attached to the main house which caused it to almost collapse. But quick thinking and some long Simpson screws fastened the porch to the house. This wasn’t the first time this house most likely has been off its foundation as I believe it was moved 126 years ago from its nearby location. Phil Joy razed my current home in the Coombsville area in 2009 so I could install a new foundation. He has razed many homes. To watch how he relocated a 6.000 square foot 1895’s structure (my dream house) by barge from Napa to Benicia check out his website. It is amazing to watch! Hopefully soon we can get a new foundation under this house. It is said the spirits don’t like to be without a foundation for too long. I keep telling them the house will be secured to a new foundation soon and we will be on our way to restoring the home once again to its former splendor.


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