Escrow Closes

It has been a long journey since I first saw this house in late November 2014 but now this house is in my hands and I will give it the care it so badly needs and return the dignity to this wonderful old Gothic Revival home and property. I plan to return it back to a single family home. There is much work to be done. I’m not sure exactly how many people yet have owned this home or who built this home since it was moved from Division Street. I hope over time to find out the history of this home and share my findings.

  1. United States from Governor Mariano Chico (during his brief time as Alta California Governor from April 1836 to July 1836) as a Mexican Land Grant to Nicholas Higuera May 9, 1836
  2. United States to Joseph P. Thompson December 13, 1853
  3. C. Harston to G. Migliavaca December 10, 1873
  4. Odd Fellows Bank ? to 1883
  5. Robert F. Grigsby 1883 to 1889
  6. T.W. Mather 1889 to 1895
  7. L.T. Hayman; Eva Hayman; Lulu Hayman 1895 – 1947
  8. Homer & Bonnie Cutright 1947 – 1955
  9. Ethel May Arends 1955 – 1958
  10. Claud & Edna Ellis; Edna Ellis 1958 – 1966
  11. A. L. & Laura Farnsworth 1966 – 1967
  12. Donald Alfred & Barbara Marie Forbes 1967 – 1979
  13. Thomas H. Fischer & Stoller, Vickie; Thomas Fisher 1979 – 2015
  14. Karen Wesson 2015

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