My Neighbor’s Cat

We were walking around the backyard today when we heard a friendly voice saying hello from the other side of the back fence. Out new neighbor is Janna Waldinger, a well known photographer in Napa. She is fortunate to have an extra large backyard with a studio barn where she offers TurboSonic Vibration Therapy which accelerates natural healing (trying out the machine was a vibrating experience!). She has owned her beautiful Division Street home for 20 years where she runs her Art & Clarity photography business. The house, a mixture of Italianate and Queen Anne architecture was built about 1880 by George Goodman, who opened the first Napa bank, as a wedding gift for his son, Harvey. The house was one of eight in Napa with an electrical-gas lighting system. Ben Corlett, the son of state Sen. Robert Corlett, bought the house in about 1900. Before Janna purchased the house the previous owners had started operating it in 1982 as a bed-and-breakfast. She invited us in for a tour. She suffered damage in the South Napa Earthquake on August 24, 2014. It blew out windows, the curved kind; plaster fell off the walls and the foundation was damaged. The house was Yellow Tagged for limited use. Janna said she is in the process of restoring the home and taking this time to upgrade the home. It is a fantastic gem and I can’t wait to see the end results. While taking the tour we met her friendly cat and I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.


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